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The Rosary of Our Lady

The Rosary of Our Lady

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If you already say the Rosary, this book will help you pray it with greater devotion; if you don't say the Rosary, in these pages you'll discover why you should, and how to begin. (Readers who begin this book with indifference to Mary often wind up praying the Rosary with fervor and zeal!) 

Why this book wins so many to the Rosary: 

- Unlike most Rosary books, The Rosary of Our Lady doesn't assume you already have a special love for Mary. Rather, it shows why such a love is appropriate to all Christians who yearn to grow closer to Christ. 

- You'll come to see why meditating on the life of Mary - by praying the Rosary - is one of the very best ways of growing in love for Jesus. 

- You'll come to understand contemplative prayer and you'll discover why the Rosary - the most popular contemplative prayer of all - should be an integral part of your daily prayers. 

- You'll learn how to pray the Rosary as it was meant to be prayed and to identify - and overcome - the bad habits that too easily develop in those who pray the Rosary often. 

These pages will bring each of the Rosary mysteries to life for you, and will give you concrete ways to make the spiritual meaning of each Mystery a part of your daily life. 

"The Rosary has been the strength of Christians for centuries. Therefore, let us thank God for The Rosary of Our Lady by Roniano Guardirti: it will help many to draw closer to Jesus through Mary."

Mother Teresa of Calcutta, M.C. 

Whether you've already spent many hours praying the Rosary or , only want a simple, clear, and holy book to introduce 

the Rosary to a relative or friend, The Rosary of Our Lady is the right book for you.

Christians of many denominations are rediscovering the Rosary of Our Lady, an ancient form of prayer that has brought consolation, peace, and profound happiness to countless generations of believers. 

If you are turning to this venerable prayer for the first time, you will find in these pages a clear, concise, and grace-filled introduction to the Rosary and its Mysteries. 

If you have long been a devotee of the Rosary, your ardor for it will be quickened by the author's revelations of new riches in this prayer. You will be grateful for his sage guidance as he leads you - by way of the Rosary - closer to holiness, and to your final union with God. 

"In this book, Msgr. Guardini makes the Mysteries of the Rosary come alive. 

I recommend it highly for spiritual reading." 

John Cardinal O'Connor 

"I urge all the faithful to rediscover this form of Marian devotion in which we contemplate the mysteries of Christ's life with Mary's heart." 

Pope John Paul II

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