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The Guardian Angels: Our Heavenly Companions

The Guardian Angels: Our Heavenly Companions

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Why does the Church teach that everyone has a Guardian Angel?

Catholic teaching reveals more about our Guardian Angels than most Catholics would guess. Drawing on Sacred Scripture, writings of Church Doctors, and the lives of the saints, this pocket-sized booklet explains it all, including topics such as:

  • The visible world governed by angels
  • Guardian Angels’ service to us
  • Our duties toward our Guardian Angels
  • Saints and their Guardian Angels
  • And much more!

Closely following the traditions of the Church, this booklet will give you the confidence to imitate great saints like St. Rose of Lima and Pope St. Gregory the Great in their devotion to their Guardian Angels.

No matter where you are on your journey of faith, your Guardian Angel is looking out for the salvation of your soul. With this popular and easy-read booklet, you will begin to see the many ways that our Guardian Angels bring us closer to God and will be able to develop a devotion to your personal saint to help you draw ever closer to heaven.

“From the very beginning of your existence, your Guardian Angel has been concerned about you…From the day of your Baptism, you became ever dearer to your Guardian Angel, ever more loved by him” (page 1).

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