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St. Michael Medal - 1 inch, Silver Oxidized

St. Michael Medal - 1 inch, Silver Oxidized

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This beautiful 1 inch silver oxidized St. Michael medal is in high relief with burnished edge.  It has been blessed by a good priest.

Veronica - Now Michael has placed his sword down as though he was digging into the ground, but he's not. I don't know what he placed it into. Oh, I see he's placed it into satan....
St. Michael - "You have nothing to fear but fear. Face it, and it will disappear. Face it with prayer." - St. Michael, June 16, 1973

Veronica - Now coming down from the sky behind Our Lady, directly behind Her, I see Michael. His--oh, his span is across the whole sky. There is no way to explain Michael, Saint Michael. He is very, very large and awesome, but he gives you a wonderful feeling of contentment, peace and support. - June 4, 1977

Our Lady of the Roses - "Safeguard with your sacramentals, your children. They must not go out of your homes without the protection of a sacramental." - June 4, 1977

Jesus - "Michael is the greatest warrior of Heaven. Call upon him often, My children." - June 9, 1979

1 inch silver oxidized

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