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My Catholic Faith

My Catholic Faith

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The classic 1954 edition of the complete Catholic Catechism freshly printed for the Catholic family of today. This is the catechism edition known and loved by generations of Catholics because of its timeless texts, charts, lists, graphs, illustrations, and many references to the Bible.  All the information you need about the doctrine, attitudes, and practices of the Catholic Church. 

    It has 193 chapters under three main titles: What to Believe, What to Do, and Means of Grace.  There are abundant references to the texts in the Holy Bible.  Two subjects of utmost importance are thoroughly treated: The Catholic Church, and the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass. 

    The durable burgundy and gold-embossed hardcover make it a family heirloom containing the rich heritage and traditions of the Catholic Faith.  Topics include: Eastern Churches, Roman Curia, Church and State, Science and the Bible, Capital and Labor, and Evolution.  

It is 7-3/4 X 10-3/4, hard cover and has 415 pages.

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