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Miracle Food Cures from the Bible

Miracle Food Cures from the Bible

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Miracle Food Cures of the Bible book guides you to timeless remedies from the Old and New Testaments which has the Creator's Plan for Optimal Health.  A great buy with 410 pages (6"x9")! The Bible should not be overlooked as a healer of the body.  The Bible also holds important lessons for our physical well-being.  Figs, grapes, olive oil, red wine and more are healing foods for body and soul.  This book explains their use in treating hundreds of common ailments, from arthritis and headaches to heart trouble and digestive problems.  Easy to look up hundreds of health problems, well indexed. How to make tinctures, sprouting and many useful tips to staying young and healthy.

Uniting real-life experiences with the results of scientific research, this absorbing book is both highly informative and fascinating to read.  Each healing substance is introduced with biblical chapter and verse references, allowing readers to go straight to the source for further information and reflection.  As holistic, "mind-body" treatments of physical illness become more and more popular, Miracle Food Cures From the Bible offers a timely and original approach to the marriage of physical and spiritual health. Author Reese Dubin, a health researcher and writer of five previous books.  Soft cover.

We have had people who ordered one copy of this book, then shortly after buying 10 additional copies to give to family, friends or relatives.  My mother absolutely loved this book.  We have had many people raving about it.  A book for survival in the days ahead when we don't have access to a doctor.

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