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Heaven's Military Personal Protection Packet

Heaven's Military Personal Protection Packet

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The Heaven's Military Personal Protection Packet is made with military personal in mind.  It contains an Our Lady of the Roses medal, a crucifix, a St. Benedict medal, a Miraculous Medal, and a scapular medal, a Holy Face medal, a St. Michael medal, and two cord rosaries.  The medals and crucifix are on a chain so they can be easily worn around the neck.

The first rosary is to be worn around the neck and the second on is to be carried in a pocket.  The scapular medal replaces the brown scapular in military situations as it does not decay in harsh conditions as wool would.  The St. Michael medal is added because St. Michael is the patron saint and guardian of military and policeman.  Also, in World War II all the soldiers who wore the Holy Face Medal came home alive.  Basically the Heaven's Military Personal Protection Packet is the Personal Protection Packet upgraded to be given to soldiers, policemen, firemen, etc. 

All the medals in this packet have been blessed by a priest.  The Bayside Medal and the rosaries have also been blessed by Jesus and Our Lady of the Roses at Bayside, New York.

Our Lady tells us to be protected from all evil, we must wear the following sacramentals around our necks: Our Lady of the Roses medal, a rosary, a crucifix, the St. Benedict medal, the Miraculous Medal, and the scapular.

Our Lady of the Roses - "Wear your sacramentals.  Do not discard them for Satan wishes you to discard them.  They are your armor, your protection in the battle ahead.  Many of the sacramentals given by My Son to His Church have been discarded as superstition and of no value." (6-18-76)  

Our Lady of the Roses - "You must understand, My children of the world:  you cannot cast aside the protection of the sacramentals given to you.  All your armor must be used now, for Lucifer is gathering his armies for another onslaught far worse upon mankind."  (10-6-79)

Our Lady of the Roses - "I caution you all, My children, to do not remove your armor, your sacramentals.  They were given to you for your protection and reasons that you must accept in faith, if not that you do not have the reasoning to understand.  Accept and believe in faith." (5-14-77)

Our Lady of the Roses, Mary Help of Mothers promises to help protect our children. On September 13, 1977, She said, "He has an army of ogres wandering now throughout your country and all of the countries of the world. They are in possession of great power; so wear your sacramentals, and protect your children and your households. Learn the use every day of holy water throughout your household. Insist even with obstructions, insist that your children always wear a sacramental. One day they will understand that they will repel the demons."

"Protect yourselves and those you love with the armor We have given you. Do not succumb, My children, to the fallacies about you, the half-truths and falsehoods. Know that your sacramentals were given for reason. Do not cast them aside! Understand, My children: if satan removes your sacramentals, he has more advantage over you." - Our Lady of the Roses, March 18, 1975

"You must use over and over a sacramental of great importance in these days, known to you as the medal of Saint Benedict. You are now in a war of the spirits: it is good against evil; it is the Eternal Father against satan!" - Our Lady of the Roses, June 9, 1979

"I give you the sacramentals that are necessary for your protection in the days ahead: the Rosary of prayer, beads of prayer to Heaven, pearls of prayer to Heaven; the Scapular of faith to be worn constantly and never removed from your earthly body." - Our Lady of the Roses, June 18, 1979

"And you must keep the sacramental, given for these very days from Saint Benedict, upon you. I, My child, have always called him the 'fighter of demons.'" - Our Lady of the Roses, October 6, 1977

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