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Hard Cover Douay-Rheims Bible

Hard Cover Douay-Rheims Bible

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We are convinced the Douay-Rheims Version of the Bible is the best, most accurate, safest English translation that you can use. The reason is that the Douay-Rheims is a careful word-for-word translation of the Latin Vulgate Bible (the official Bible of the Church) - plus, it was compared to the original New Testament Greek. And the Vulgate is a careful word-for-word translation of the original languages. Therefore the great accuracy of the Douay-Rheims. We have observed that the other English translations of Scripture, when they try to render difficult passages, will translate "meanings" rather than words. Thus, in these "translations" one gets the translators' interpretations of the meaning of Scripture. Hence the many differences that exist in the modern translations and the general absence of impact from the Word of God when reading from them - an impact typical from reading the Douay-Rheims. This version is a joy to read, is full of surprises, and really makes the Bible come alive!

This Bible has 1231 pages, hardbound cover, imprimatur 1941, chapter summaries, footnotes and cross- references, brief explanation of each book, 5-1/2 x 8 inches - handy for reading, very legible typeface. family record section, photographically reproduced for complete accuracy, strong, wrapped in black bonded leather.  It makes a perfect gift for any festive occasion.

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