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"Catholic End Times Prophecy" Card

"Catholic End Times Prophecy" Card

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The "Catholic End Times Prophecy" card is a great tool to spread Our Lady's message to those we meet.  It is a standard business card size (3.5"x2") printed on 14-pt. matte cardstock with silk coated front and back.  The text says, "Catholic End Times Prophecy."  In addition to this a QR code has been included that when scanned with a smartphone takes the user to a web page containing Catholic prophecy on many subjects including UFOs, Russia, China, World War III, Mark of the Beast and many others.  We are making these available to you at very low cost as an inexpensive tool to spread Our Lady's message to the entire world. 

This has become even more important in the last few months.  Recently as well as other religious and conservative sites have come under attack from anti-Christian forces that have sought to choke off some of the traffic from these websites.  Now we need to do what we can to foil their plans.  Pass out as many of these cards as you can to anyone you meet.  


"Shout the Message from Heaven from the rooftops! Do not slacken in your mission from Heaven. Remember, My children: there is no man or woman upon this earth that you must explain yourselves to in this mission, for you are directed by the Eternal Father in Heaven in My Son and the Holy Spirit." - Our Lady, March 18, 1977


"You must continue with great vigilance to send My message throughout the world--person to person, link to link, pen to pen, and word to word. The whole creation of mankind shall know the Message from Heaven, and if the balance--the scale--has not met with approval by the Eternal Father, the world shall be cleansed by a baptism of fire." - Our Lady, August 14, 1975


"I tell you now, My child, because the road has been filled with thorns, that Heaven, all Heaven is greatly of heart for you and those who came with you from Heaven's direction to build up an apostleship that shall be forever written in the annals of the Church." - Our Lady, May 28, 1983


"I wish all of you to go forward as saints of the latter days, disciples of My Son, and bring the Message from Heaven to all.... Believe Me, My children, when I say to you that My own will know Me." - Our Lady, September 7, 1978


     "We have a desperate need for true and loyal disciples. The Message from Heaven must reach every corner of the earth before the end of the era." - Our Lady, June 18, 1979

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