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Blessed Brown Scapular - 100% Wool

Blessed Brown Scapular - 100% Wool

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The Brown Scapular is wonderful sacramental with a powerful history.

Our Blessed Mother appeared to St. Simon Stock in 1251.  She gave him a brown wool scapular and told him, “This shall be a privilege for you and all Carmelites, that anyone dying in this habit shall not suffer eternal fire.”  In the years after Our Blessed Mother visited St. Simon, the Church in her wisdom decided to extend the heavenly promise of the scapular to any of the laity who wear the Brown Scapular and are invested in it.

In addition to this, the Brown Scapular carries with it the Sabbatine Privilege.  As part of this privilege, Our Lady of Mount Carmel has promised to save the faithful who wear the scapular from the fires of hell.  In addition to this, she will also shorten their stay in purgatory if they should pass from this world still owing some debt of punishment.  Pope John XXII wrote about this promise in a papal bull. Our Blessed Mother had appeared to him and spoke to him concerning the faithful who wear the Brown Scapular.  She said, “I, the Mother of Grace, shall descend on the Saturday after their death and whomsoever I shall find in purgatory I shall free so that I may lead them to the holy mountain of life everlasting."

Our Lady of the Roses tells us, "I promise you all, when you wear My Brown Scapular, you shall not be condemned to hell. I repeat: if you pass on over the veil and are wearing the Brown Scapular, you shall not see the fires of hell." (9-14-85)

The Brown Scapulars we have available here have been blessed and are 100% wool.

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